Essential Git Commands

Now that you are here, let's learn how to use git;

1)git config

Why : To set your user name and email in the main configuration file.
How : To check your name and email type in git config --global and git config --global & to set your new email or name git config --global = “Employee Name” and git config --global = “”

2) git init
Why : To initialize a git repository for a new or existing project.
How : git init in the root of your project directory.

3) git clone
Why : To copy a git repository from remote source, also sets the remote to original source so that you can pull again.
How : git clone <:clone git url:>

4) git status
Why : To check the status of files you have changed in your working directory, i.e, what all has changed since your last commit.
How : git status in your working directory. shows all the files that have been changed.

5) git add
Why : adds changes to stage/index in your working directory.
How : git add .

6) git commit
Why : commits your changes and sets it to new commit object for your remote.
How : git commit -m”sweet little commit message”

7) git push/git pull
Why : Push or Pull your changes to remote. If you have added and committed your changes and you want to push them or if your remote has updated and you want those latest changes.
How : git pull <:remote:> <:branch:> and git push <:remote:> <:branch:>

8) git branch
Why : Lists out all the branches.
How : git branch or git branch -a to list all the remote branches as well.

9) git checkout
Why : Switch to different branches
How : git checkout <:branch:> or **_git checkout -b <:branch:> if you want to create and switch to a new branch.

10) git stash
Why : Save changes that you don’t want to commit immediately.
How : git stash in your working directory. git stash apply if you want to bring back your saved changes.

11) git merge
Why : Merge two branches you were working on.
How : Switch to branch you want to merge everything in. git merge <:branch_you_want_to_merge:>

12) git reset
Why : You know when you commit changes that are not complete, this sets your index to the latest commit that you want to work on with.
How : git reset <:mode:> <:COMMIT:>

13) git remote
Why : To check what remote/source you have or add a new remote.
How : git remote to check and list. And git remote add <:remote_url:>